Thank you for supporting this ZiMo Project

Thank you for backing my first full game that I’ve ever published

I’m really glad I decided to participate in ZiMo and thank you for supporting Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard. Here are the final numbers:

  • Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard made $827. 88 people backed the project.
  • 88 copies were sold
  • 108 community copies were distributed

This was a very personal game for me and I’m so happy that it resonated with others and that you all enjoyed the game. I’m hard at work with L.F. OSR to create the print version and I’ll post on here when it’s done, as well as on my various social media channels. I’m hard at work writing dungeons, and eventually releasing The Pilgrimage SRD, but I’m going to slow down for a bit post-ZiMo.

Stay in touch

If you are interested in keeping up on other projects I’m making, you can follow me on Twitter or on Substack (monthly emails at most). I’m very active on the NSR discord if you’re on there.

Good luck on your journeys.

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Woot woot!! I loved following this campaign, Amanda: you did a really good job promoting it, but I know it must have been exhausting...

It totally was but I’m slowing down and drawing stuff which has been restorative. Thank you for your kind words!