Thank You ☀️

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard has just passed 51 folks picking it up and over 55 community copies out in the world. I really appreciate everyone who has checked the game out. It was a labor of love.

What’s next for the game: do a proofreading pass again and get the file ready to go to LF OSR for when the paper shortage dies down. We are working on creating a print version of the game, more news to come!

Links to check out

The Weekly Scroll twitch channel and podcast featured Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard along with Moriah, Knights of Lazarus, and Orbital Debris.

I encourage folks to check out a few of the other #ZiMo projects I have backed personally:

Also: ZiMo Project Spreadsheet

If you have time to review the game or tell a friend, that’s great!

Also if you want to keep up with my map making and other projects, I made a Substack

Thank you for your generous support of Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard

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I thought it was a great journaling game that drew from me a story I never could have sat down and written on my own. 

If anyone is interested, here is my story: