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4 days ago, three village youth went camping to prove their courage during a midsummer festival. 3 days ago, they failed to return. Can you brave the haunted forest and bring them home to safety?

Tannic is a love letter to the pine barrens, youthful adventures, and campfire stories.  It's intended as a level 1-3 one shot adventure with stats provided for Cairn and Old School Essentials. It is dynamic and easily adaptable to your system of choice. 


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Tannic module.json for Foundry 2 kB

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Hello! Will there be more community copies available? Thanks!

just added some more ty


Hi, would it be a bother to add a few more?

totally can do

Maybe someone can help me, but I’m not sure I understand what the purpose of the Giant Toad stat block is for. I can’t find any references to it or other toads (aside from the flavor text mention of toads in the Campsite description)

You don’t need it. It was originally in the adventure and the encounter got cut but the monster block didn’t

Ah! Thanks

Tannic immediately inspired my imagination, and had me thinking of both the players and PCs I knew would have a fantastic time. The volume itself is beautiful, the illustration adding depth to the feeling and mood of the text, while the sheer amount of content there is to explore - presented in a way that isn't overwhelming - lends itself beautifully to a one-shot, or a shorter, drawn out adventure if your party would, for example, like to spend a bunch of time exploring the festival. Recommend it!

Full review here.

Wow, it is a true labour of love. So much content and it look beautiful.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing it.

A really fun adventure with lots of heart. Super easy to run

Aw thanks Tim!

(1 edit) (+1)

Great adventure in the forest.  I really liked the hex system for the adventure.  My group did not have time to see the entire festival, immediately heading deep into the forest :)

The adventure is described in great detail, while leaving room for improvisation.  Thanks Amanda!


Tannic is pure magic. 19 out of 10. Would run again in a heartbeat.

The festival encounters had us in stitches, and the bittersweet finale in the oubliette, which we resolved without combat, was a GMing experience I'll never forget.

Thank you, Amanda P.

This is so kind! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Fantastic little adventure. Lots to play with in the hexcrawl parts and a small but interesting little dungeon. Keep imagining the final encounter and all the ways it could go. 

Community Copies are a god send, so thank you for that Amanda!


This is so lovely. And yes, the Oubliette Situation could go in a truly wild number of directions.