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Great adventure in the forest.  I really liked the hex system for the adventure.  My group did not have time to see the entire festival, immediately heading deep into the forest :)

The adventure is described in great detail, while leaving room for improvisation.  Thanks Amanda!


Tannic is pure magic. 19 out of 10. Would run again in a heartbeat.

The festival encounters had us in stitches, and the bittersweet finale in the oubliette, which we resolved without combat, was a GMing experience I'll never forget.

Thank you, Amanda P.

This is so kind! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Fantastic little adventure. Lots to play with in the hexcrawl parts and a small but interesting little dungeon. Keep imagining the final encounter and all the ways it could go. 

Community Copies are a god send, so thank you for that Amanda!


This is so lovely. And yes, the Oubliette Situation could go in a truly wild number of directions.