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Hi Amanda! I purchased your game two months ago as part of the TTRPGs for reproductive rights bundle. I just tried to downlod it from and I don't find it! I only have access to the character sheet... Could you please help me ? My email is

Deleted 119 days ago

I accidentally made the downloadable file hidden, fixed now


this solo ttrpg is very well designed and simply drips with personality. The vibes are immaculate and very fun. Reminds me of the Green Knight !

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed playing Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard, especially the difficulty of trying to decide if i should continue my task but break my code.

I made a short video review:

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A very flavorful and engaging journaling game. The resource management and variety of scenarios to run into  made me excited for each journal entry. My only critique is that with a good roll of resources plus your 6 units of time, it's fairly easy to avoid breaking your code. I also wish the penalties for corruption were more punishing, but the optional rules the game includes can help increase difficulty in that regard. 

Overall though, totally worth a try for the journey it allows you to tell.  


Thank you for this feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game overall and thank you for checking it out

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Thanks to the Weekly Scroll for featuring Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard